Releases 2021
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BUY TEMPT THE DRAGON - A. C. Arthur Harlequin Carina Press A Brenda
BUY HUNTED - Sharon C. Cooper Amaris Publishing A Brenda
BUY SCANDAL IN THE VIP SUITE - Nadine Gonzalez Harlequin Desire A Shirley
BUY THREE WRONG DATES - Kelsey Green Idependently Published NA NA
BUY WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU - Cheris Hodges Kensington Books/Dafina A Jennifer
BUY INTIMATE NEGOTIATIONS - Nicki Night Harlequin Desire NA Jennifer
BUY FOUR PAGE LETTER - Angela Seals Idependenly Published A Brenda
BUY TWO HOT KISSES - Yahrah St. John Idependenly Published A Cheryl
BUY ONE MORE DRINK - Elle Wright Elle Wright A Cheryl
BUY CAUGHT IN HIS WEBB - Sean D. Young Independently Published A+ Brenda
BUY SOUL LOVE - Aja She Loves Words Publishing A Brenda
BUY THE SWEETEST VALENTINE - Lacey Baker Artistry Publishing A Brenda
BUY ONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA - Niobia Bryant Harlequin Desire   Jennifer
BUY BEST OF FRIENDS - Natalie Dunbar Independently Published A Wayne
BUY SEDUCING HIS SECRET WIFE - Robin Convington Harlequin Desire A Shirley
BUY THE COWGIRL'S SURPRISE MATCH - Nina Crespo Harlequin Special Edition A Cheryl
BUY THE GIRL AT THE BACK OF THE BUS - Suzette Harrison Bookouture Publishing A+ Wayne
BUY COCOA DREAMS - Carolyn Hector Rose Gold Press A Brenda
BUY WILD RAIN - Beverly Jenkins Harper Collins/Avon Books A+ Brenda
BUY JACKSON - LaQuette Sourcebook Casablanca A Brenda
BUY TO BREATHE AGAIN - Unoma Nwankwor Kevstel Publications A Brenda
BUY PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH - K.D. Richards Harlequin Intrigue A Wayne
BUY AN UNLIKELY PROPOSAL - Toni Shiloh Harlequin Love Inspired   Wayne
BUY BACK IN THE TEXAN'S BED - Niama Simone Harlequin Desire A Shirley
BUY CARELESS WHISPERS - Synithia Williams HQN Books   Jennifer
BUY THE WAY YOU LOVE ME - Elle Wright Kensington Books/Dafina A Cheryl
BUY FAMILY FIRST - Various Authors Garden Avenue Press A Brenda
BUY AFTER HOURS ATTRACTION - Kianna Alexander Harlequin Desire   Shirley
BUY THE LAST AFFAIR - A. C. Arthur Harlequin Dare A Brenda
BUY DOMINIC'S PRIDE - J. L. Campbell The Writer's' Suite   Wayne
BUY HIDING IN ALASKA - Belle Colhoune Harlequin Love Inspired   Jennifer
BUY UNTIL DEATH - Delaney Diamond Garden Avenue Press   Cheryl
BUY LEARNED REACTIONS - Jayce Ellis Harlequin Carina Press   Wayne
BUY INSPIRING DOMINIC - Sherelle Green Independently Published   Jennifer
BUY TEMPTING HUNTER - Sheryl Lister SL Books   Cheryl
BUY MURDER BY PAGE ONE - Olivia Matthews Hallmark Publishing   Wayne
BUY STALKED BY SECRETS - Deborah Fletcher Mello Harlequin Romantic Suspense A Brenda
BUY LAST SUNSET OVER MEXICO - Monica Richardson Rose Gold Press   Brenda
BUY WAKING UP MARRIED - Reese Ryan Harlequin Desire A Brenda
BUY CRAVING MAVERICK - Angela Seals Independently Published   Brenda
BUY FINDING COOPER - Elle Wright Elle Writes Books   Cheryl
BUY A NEW FOUNDATION - Rochelle Alers Harlequin Special Edition   Jennifer
BUY HIS STOLEN INNOCENT'S VOW - Marcella Bell Harlequin Presents   Jennifer
BUY WILD WOMEN AND THE BLUES - Denny S. Bryce Kensington Books   Brenda
BUY HIS TO PROTECT - Sharon C. Cooper Harlequin Romantic Suspense   Brenda
BUY THE THREE MRS GREYS - Shelly Ellis Kensington Books/Dafina   Shirley
BUY FOLLOW YOUR HEART - Brenda Jackson HQN Books   Brenda
BUY THE MARRIAGE  HE DEMANDS - Brenda Jackson Harlequin Desire   Brenda
BUY WINNER TAKES ALL - Sandra Kitt Sourcebook Casablanca   Cheryl
BUY CHOCOLATE DROP - Edwina Martin-Arnold Independently Published   Brenda
BUY AN EARL, THE GIRL AND A TODDLER - Vanessa Riley Zebra Books   Wayne
BUY THE ROAD TO ROSE BEND - Naima Simone Harlequin Desire   Shirley
BUY CONSEQUENCES OF PASSION - Yahrah St. John Harlequin Desire   Cheryl
BUY GIVE ME MORE - A. C. Arthur Harlequin Dare   Brenda
BUY THE BEACH HOUSE - Rochelle Alers Kensington Books   Jennifer
BUY AN OFFICER AND A FORTUNE - Nina Crespo Harlequin Special Edition   Cheryl
BUY BLIND AMBITION - Lutishia Lovely Kensington Books/Dafoma   Shirley
BUY THE REBEL HEIR - Niobia Bryant Harlequin Desire   Jennifer
BUY THE LAST LITTLE SECRET - Zuri Day Harlequin Desire   Shirley
BUY REDEMPTION ON RIVERS RANCH - Kathy Douglas Harlequin Special Edition   Brenda
BUY A FAMILY FOR THE GIREFIGHTER - Jacquelin Thomas Harlequin Heartwarming   Wayne
BUY A LOWCOUNTRY BRIDE - Preslaysa Williams Harper Collins/Avon   Shirley
BUY WHAT HAPPENS IN MIAMI - Nadine Gonzalez Harlequin Desire   Shirley
BUY ONE WEEK TO CLAIM IT - Adriana Herrera Harlequin Desire   Wayne
BUY OPEN YOUR HEART - Cheris Hodges Kensington Books/Dafina   Jennifer
BUY SWEET TEA - Piper Huguley Hallmark Publishing   Wayne