Review:  The Marriage He Demands
Harlequin Desire
April 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Jackson RATING: A
REVIEW: The second Outlaw sibling’s story that the prolific Brenda Jackson offers up features Cashen Outlaw, son of Ellen and Bart Outlaw (Bart’s third wife). When the story opens, Cash, as he is called, has received word that his mother, Ellen has died. As faithful readers have discovered, the Outlaws are a close-knit motley crew composed of five brothers and one sister, each with different mothers. Their home is Fairbanks, Alaska, and they run a multimillion-dollar company, Outlaw Freight Lines. Also, they are the newly found look-alike cousins of the famed Westmoreland Clan.  Cash finds himself in an uncomfortable position as the heir of his deceased mother’s estate. Uncomfortable, because Cash, like his brothers, was raised by his father, Bart, with no relationship with his mother.

I like the storyline that flawlessly incorporates a couple of tropes that hit on Baby Makes Three and Arranged Marriage themes. You’ll get it when you read the story. When Cash arrives in the close-knit town where his mother lived, Black Crow, Wyoming, his attention is drawn to a beautiful woman whom he has an instant erotic fantasy about. Enter Brianna Banks, the heroine, who enjoyed a close relationship with Cash’s mother. Brianna and Cash both are recipients of Ellen’s generosity and hard work, as outlined in her will. The chemistry is obvious when they officially meet, and it’s on and popping. Brianna is gifted with a house and 50 acres of valuable land, and Cashen is bequeathed a ranch and and all the acreage it sits on. The ranch, Blazing Frontier, offers a boon for the town, and an added investment opportunity for Cash if he doesn’t sell it. Complications, feelings, personal desires, deceit, and past relationships are all elements that play into Cash and Brianna’s love journey, along with certain “no compromise” demands. No spoilers. Enjoy discovering what all that means.

One of the highlights of the story occurs when the Outlaw siblings, a bunch of Westmorelands, a couple of Westmoreland friends, and in-law, McKinnon Quinn all meet together at the Blazing Frontier ranch. I love how Ms Jackson effortlessly includes them into the storyline based on something they have in common. If you’re a fan of Ms Jackson’s works, you’ll recognize everybody, and their stories. You’ll also find out the Westmoreland cousin whom Cash resembles. It’s a great scene! In addition, Cash and Brianna’s HEA is wonderful!

THE MARRIAGE HE DEMANDS is an entertaining story that I recommend for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, you can also read Garth Outlaw’s story, THE WIFE HE NEEDS, which is the first book of the series.

4th April 2021 |