Review: The Aftermath
THE AFTERMATH - Iris Bolling
Siri Austin Entertainment
July 2021
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A+
REVIEW: There has been a lot of buzz about this novel and rightly so. It is one heck of a read that is based on real-life events plus the author’s creative imagination. We met Nate Reigns, the major character, in NEWS WITH CURVES featuring Rachel Fontaine, who also appears in this story. It’s not mandatory that you read it before you read THE AFTERMATH, but I suggest that you might want to in order to understand that what Nate is up against in THE AFTERMATH is a continuation of events that began in NEWS WITH CURVES. As a matter of fact, there is a Chapter 1 titled “Reigns, And So….It Begins”, at the end of the Rachel Fontaine story. The setting of the story, Richmond, Virginia, the seat of the Confederacy, is very important as you will discover.

Nate Reigns is the consummate hero of this suspense story. Yes, fans, you read that correctly.
THE AFTERMATH is not a romantic story, but a totally engaging and intriguing suspense story that will have you sitting up reading long after your bedtime. Nate is a former highly successful defense attorney who left the family’s law firm to pursue a career with the Richmond Police Department as a detective. An odd career move, but you will discover that it is a good one for Nate. The story opens on a suspenseful note with the horrendous death of Nate’s best friend, Commonwealth Attorney Alex Burnett. With Nate’s promise to avenge his death, the story takes off like a rocket and hurtles the reader from one outrageous scene to another. There are some detestable forces at work, and what’s more, they are not all connived from the author’s imagination. The inimitable Iris Bolling crafts this story around today’s headlines (trafficking and the rise of white supremacy) which gives it a lot of validity. It serves as a timely warning that we must be vigilant and intentional in order to preserve our rights as citizens of this country. Get ready for a gripping, well-written story that emphasizes this crucial point: “When the law breaks the law….the consequences can be deadly”. Clues and hints abound as Ms. Bolling lays out a scenario that will raise the proverbial hairs on the back of your neck.

Characters, good and evil, are plentiful. Many of them are from
NEWS WITH CURVES. There are so many characters with titles and positions that you almost need to take notes as to who’s who, and what side they are on.  From pink coat wearing Skylar to whip-wielding Toby, the characterization is on point. The bad guys are so bad that they surpass the “Boo-Hiss” category. I love it! The character who gets the I Would Have Never Guessed Award is Charlotte Reigns, Nate’s mother. No spoilers, you’ll understand all of that when you read the story.

THE AFTERMATH is a series, and Nate’s journey to avenge is best friend’s death is just the beginning. I can’t wait to read the next installment. I highly recommend THE AFTERMATH. Take your time and read it and take notes so you’ll be ready for the next book. You can thank me later!

26th July 2021 |