Review: Seducing His Secret Wife
Harlequin Desire
February 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan  RATING:  A
REVIEW: After a wild night in Vegas, Justin Ling ends up married to a complete stranger. Unbeknown to Justin, he married his best friend and business partner’s, long-lost sister, Sarina. Both Sarina and Justin realize that they need to annul their impromptu wedding. It was a reckless thing to do. But when they came face to face unexpectantly, their attraction hasn’t diminished one iota. It has gotten stronger. Justin and Sarina continue to see each other while they wait for the divorce papers. In the meantime, they get closer and decide they don’t want to end the marriage after all. But one misspoken word from Justin nearly destroys their future happiness.

Sarina had a difficult and lonely childhood. Being separated from her siblings was devastating. She never felt as though she belonged in any of her foster homes. She was made to feel as if she wasn’t good enough just because she grew up in the system. Therefore, she grew up to be dependent solely on herself. Justin is the black sheep in his family. He grew up feeling that nothing he did was ever good enough for his parents. He refused to conform to their plans for his future including who he should marry. His genius for numbers made him a billionaire before his parents grudgingly admit his success.

SEDUCING HIS SECRET WIFE is another excellent read by Robin Covington. Ms. Covington does a great job with all her characters. They are complicated yet loveable and likable. Justin and Sarina are great together. Their interactions are spirited and passionate. These two needed each other before they even realized it themselves. Sarina was taken away from her family as a child and Justin never felt accepted by his because he was different from his siblings. When Sarina and Justin meet, they accept each other for the wonderful yet flawed persons they are. The author has written a great story with pacing that flows smoothly as the plot unfolds. I like series because I love to hear about previous characters. The author gives them an honorable mention while giving you an update at the same time.

I enjoyed reading
SEDUCING HIS SECRET WIFE. This second entry into the Redhawk Reunion Series is as exciting and romantic as the first, TAKING ON THE BILLIONAIRE. Great news! A third entry will be coming hopefully in the near future.

1st February 2021 |