Review: Just a Little Bit Married
Harlequin Desire
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  Riley George, the heroine of the story, is between a proverbial rock and a hard place, and it’s all her grandfather’s fault. She needs a husband like yesterday. For this Book #3 of the Moonlight Ridge Trilogy, Reese Ryan, storyteller extraordinaire, presents an engaging version of the fake marriage trope. Riley’s husband of choice is Travis Holloway, celebrity chef, who returns to Moonlight Ridge, the family’s resort in Asheville, North Carolina, to help restore it to its previous fame and popularity. Plus, an added infusion of cash will help make the restoration a reality rather than a possibility. That’s where Riley comes in, because she offers to  provide the money as an investor, if Travis will join her in providing a ring along with a marriage license that she so desperately needs. Strictly business, right?

The thoroughly worked-out storyline also reveals another favorite trope, Second Chance Love. Riley and Travis were involved in a teen romance that fell apart when Riley’s parents intervened. Not only was the breakup messy, but there was a horrific accident that caused each brother to blame himself. Riley also shared in the guilt trip of that tragic night. Now, some fifteen years later, when they meet again, Riley is not one of Travis’ favorite people. He really gives her a hard time, but that will change as Ms Ryan meticulously sets the stage for a little marriage ceremony that helps Riley with a little stipulation in her trust fund. Great wedding scene!

Travis Holloway is one complicated character. He is literally abandoned by his birth parents as a young boy. His backstory reads like a tear-jerker, but he, along with his other two adopted brothers, Mack and Grey, became known as “the Holloway brothers”.  Jameson Holloway, their adopted father, gave the three of them a new life. By the way, Mack and Grey are featured in their own stories in
Books #1 and Book #2 of the trilogy. The side characters do their part well as they lend  support to the main characters and add to the story’s intrigue. Speaking of intrigue, Travis’ life becomes a little more complicated when another woman from his past shows up.  It’s a “Wow” moment. Along with that stand-out moment, is the stakeout that the three Holloway brothers engage in.  No spoilers. That scene was unexpected but excellent in resolving a mystery. Loved the HEA!

I read
JUST A LITTLE MARRIED as a stand-alone, although it is part of a trilogy. I enjoyed the story, but Reese Ryan never disappoints. I recommend JUST A LITTLE MARRIED for your reading pleasure.

2nd October 2021 |