Review: The Way You Love Me
Kensington Books/Dafina
February 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil  RATING:  A
REVIEW: We were introduced to actress Paige Mills when her publicist, Skye Palmer effortlessly managed her marriage crisis in Book #2 of the Pure Talent Series, THE WAY YOU HOLD ME. Paige’s soon to be ex-husband is making things difficult. Andrew Weathers has been Paige’s dedicated agent for years. He has feelings for her and doesn’t like seeing her hurt. He distances himself and isn’t there for Paige when she needs him the most.

After her divorce is final, Paige goes off the grid. After a stern talking to by Skye, Andrew is on a quest to find her and if anyone can, it’s him. To say he is in the dog house, when he arrives, is an understatement, but Andrew is persistent, calm and steady. Ms. Wright makes sure we know that the brother is not giving up! Paige comes to a realization as she reminisces about Andrew’s “smooth, brown skin and his broad shoulders” when she
mistook him for the pizza delivery guy when they met sixteen years ago. It’s only fitting that he uses pizza as his secret weapon. I like the way these scenes are written.

Paige and Andrew have a connection that runs deep but have never taken it beyond agent-client and friends. Andrew has always offered his support and encouraged Paige to never settle for less. She loves his spirit. Their mutual feelings are confirmed when their hands briefly touch in what should have been an innocent way. There is no turning back after their first kiss. Paige and Andrew have chemistry that’s off the charts. Let’s just say they spent a lot of time “getting to know each other differently”,
but there is a risk that a publicity firestorm will get in the way.

This is such a ‘good friends’ to ‘lovers’ story with plenty of memorable scenes. I’ll never look at s’mores quite the same. It’s good to get updates from characters from previous books, like Skye Palmer. She’s still making boss moves as a publicist. I also enjoyed Paige and Andrew’s relationships with their moms. They were more like confidants to their adult children but put their foot down when they needed to. THE WAY YOU LOVE ME is the final book in the Pure Talent Series and I highly recommend it.

17th February 2021 |