Review: The Hookup Dilemma
THE HOOKUP DILEMMA - Constance Gillam
Entangled Publishing/Amara
November 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil  |  RATING:  B
REVIEW: THE HOOKUP DILEMMA kicks off when food critic, Rashida Howard, meets Architect and Entrepreneur, Elliott Quinn. At the time, they don’t realize they are on opposing sides of a real estate battle. Rashida has an issue with Marcus Quinn (Elliott’s father), and his business and proposed improvement project. If approved, the project could force her Grandmother and many others out of their neighborhood. Unknown to Rashida, Elliott is juggling both his and his father’s business while the latter is dealing with health issues.

Rashida and Elliott share a booth at happy hour and hit it off. Neither wants the night to end and one thing leads to the next. The physical chemistry is there, but a one night stand is called that for a reason, so the plan is to leave it there. Rashida is not happy at all when she sees Elliott at a community meeting about her Grandmother’s neighborhood and realizes who he is.

Once Rashida and Elliott forgot they are supposed to be enemies, they take the time to connect and discover things they have in common. Meeting Rashida has changed Elliott’s life, despite the circumstances. To his credit, he spends time trying to connect with the neighborhood and the residents, including Rashida’s spit fire Grandmother and her friend. Overall, Elliott finds himself trying to navigate between the woman he’s falling for, his cantankerous father and the overall best business decision. He tries to make things right, but Rashida is stubborn and doesn’t realize when Elliott extends an olive branch.

THE HOOKUP DILEMMA highlights the relevant issue of gentrification and its impact on communities. I appreciate the author’s passion for this issue, however, certain aspects were drawn out. An example is the process to make a decision about the development project. Also, I didn’t feel as connected to the hero in the beginning of the story, because I couldn’t visualize him with Rashida. As the story progressed, I saw a greater connection.

Overall, Ms. Gillam writes about an important topic and includes romantic elements as well. The story is rounded out with supporting characters, including Rashida’s grandmother, who is not going down without a fight as it relates to her neighborhood, and aging in general

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