Review: No Ordinary Christmas
Berkley Publishing/Forever
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Lights! Camera! Action! I can see it now - NO ORDINARY CHRISTMAS featured on the Hallmark Channel. It’s the perfect Second Chance Love story with a Christmas setting. Belle Calhoune has written a delightful story that features Dante West, the boy who made good, and Lucy Marshall, the girl he left behind. I like this story. It is a sweet love story that has as a backdrop, Mistletoe, Maine. The denizens of Mistletoe are gearing up for the town’s annual celebration of the Christmas holidays, and what a celebration it is!

Lucy Marshall is Mistletoe’s librarian, and when the story begins, she is not a happy camper even with the start of the town’s Christmas celebration. The cause of her dismay is the arrival of big time Hollywood super star, homeboy made good, Dante West. For Lucy, Dante represents a broken promise. Yes, fans, they have history that begins when they were kids and ends when they were teens. Dante becomes a big Hollywood movie star who left Mistletoe and never looked back. At least, that’s how Lucy sees it. However, as you get into this smooth flowing story, you will discover the hard-core facts behind Dante’s success, and his reason for leaving. The underlining theme of forgiveness is also present as Dante comes home with a lot of heavy baggage. I’ll let you discover why he is in Mistletoe for the holidays. Yes, Lucy is partially the reason, but it goes deeper than seeing his former high school girl. Even though eight and a half years is a long time to mend a broken heart, Dante’s Come-to-Jesus moment with Lucy is revealing and timely.

Along with the Second Chance Love trope that is so meticulously presented, the importance of family is also an underlying theme. I like both families ( Lucy and Dante’s), and how they deal with their triumphs and tragedies. I also enjoy the author’s descriptions of the various festive activities that the people of Mistletoe hold dear and relish. If you are a visual reader, like me, it’s an added punch to the storyline. The minor characters perform their parts well as supporters of the protagonists, and they also add to the intrigue of the story. The HFN calls for a celebration!

There is nothing ordinary about this story. It was engaging and entertaining. I recommend
NO ORDINARY CHRISTMAS by Belle Calhoune for your reading pleasure. I still say it will make a first-rate Hallmark movie! Pick up a copy and see if you agree.

4th October 2021 |