Review: Backstage Benefits
Harlequin Desire
December 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: In the opening pages of BACKSTAGE BENEFITS, Josiah Manning is admiring Lyric Devereaux-Smith from afar at an event he’s attending. He thinks she would be perfect for a show he’s developing, but is so caught up in his attraction to her, he has to take a minute to calm himself down. Josiah has a production company and has his eye on the President position at a high profile network. A successful show is just what he needs to close the deal.

Lyric is rediscovering herself after her husband of twenty years passed away two years ago. She married into the Devereaux family and has grown close to Trey’s Grandfather Ace over the years. She’s developed a large following as a YouTube and Instagram influencer. Lyric also notices Josiah right away. Author Laquette describes his skin as tanned oak with a golden hue. He has soft waves and she felt the urge to touch his hair. Lyric isn’t sure if it is wise to work with him in the beginning. However, as two consenting adults, they explore their physical attraction and chemistry. Josiah is intense and passionate about business and personal affairs.

As much as Lyric and Josiah enjoy each other’s company, he can’t allow his personal life to interfere with his dreams. They figure out a way a way to work together by exploring their business partnership. Unbeknownst to Lyric, Josiah has not gotten over a past relationship betrayal that has caused him to be cautious about mixing business and pleasure. He finally realizes why he is pushing her away, but it may be too late. Lyric was in a marriage where there were trust issues, and she is not doing that again. She protects her heart at all costs and doesn’t give in easily.

Laquette describes her heroine as curvy and confident. Strong women are a theme in her books. The family interactions with patriarch Jordan Ace Devereaux are touching. His focus is leaving a legacy and he wants Lyric to find love again. No matter how old he is, he keeps it real and reminds Lyric that her work “won’t keep her warm at night”. Other supporting characters are Trey Devereaux and Jeremiah Benton, from
Book #1 of The Intimate Takeover Series. They make several appearances. Another highlight is Josiah and Jeremiah’s friendship. There is a focus on male friendships and family bonding.

BACKSTAGE BENEFITS is a great continuation of the Devereaux, Inc. Series, and I highly recommend it.

18th January 2022 |