Review: Jedidiah's Crowning Glory
Independently Published
May 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: JEDIDIAH’S CROWNING GLORY is the much anticipated book about Jedidiah “Jackie D” Crowne of the gritty, Crowne Legacy series. Jackie D doesn’t have much to say until he gets to know someone. He’s a loner. He’s also ruthless, observant, focused and... Spiritual? I was surprised by his strong faith. He knows he will be judged for his deeds, but he feels justified by his actions. Korie Suthers is Jade Daniels’ best friend. We met her in book 1, Face Down Fridays and she also played a pivotal role in book 2, Sins of the Saint. She has secrets, and the Crowne’s need to figure out who she is and what she is hiding.

Jackie D says more to Korie in one scene than he’s ever said! Korie gets on his nerves because he likes her. Jackie D’s brother, Hollis says it best: Jackie D has a crush on Korie, but he has a weird way of showing it. Let’s just say, he’s not pulling her hair like a little boy would do.

Korie is in danger and Jackie D takes her off the grid. It’s during this time that she truly gets to know Jedidiah. He describes himself as ugly, but she likes what she sees. His sexy and dangerous aura is overpowering. Korie is not shaped like a skinny model, and unbeknownst to her, she is Jedidiah’s type. Beauty is truly in the eye of beholder. Their flirtatious banter leads to more and the attraction grows like “roots of a tree”. It’s hard for Jedidiah to stay focused.

The reality of Jedidiah’s profession, as we learned in prior books, is
harsh, but he’s a deep brother. There is definitely more to him than meets the eye and that keeps the reader engaged. I had plenty of OMG! moments when things got physical.  He is a beast in the bedroom, at one point asking Korie if “she was back with him”. Besides that, their entire connection is intense and powerful. Jedidiah connects with Korie at the deepest level. She truly “sees” him. They both had difficult upbringings and are scarred by their past. Despite all that, can they trust each other? 

The Crowne Legacy series has a harder tone than prior works, and Ms. Green pulls it off. JEDIDIAH’S CROWNING GLORY is focused on Jedidiah and Korie, but it’s also a continuation of the thrilling, suspenseful story about the entire Crowne organization. There are unexpected twists and also appearances by characters that followers of the series have come to love. I highly recommend this book.

10th May 2021 |