Review: Inconvenient Attraction
Harlequin Desire
Reviewer: Shirley Fleming | Rating: A
REVIEW: Cayden Barker and Avery Gray run into each other in a car accident on his way to an important meeting. Dazed after being sideswiped, Cayden jumped out of his Porsche to confront the offender. Avery seems familiar, but Cayden can’t remember where he may have seen her. They meet again in a business setting to discuss a golf tournament for an ultra-exclusive business fraternity Cayden is poised to become a member. Unfortunately, Cayden hasn’t been able to forget the woman who totaled his car. He is also struck again by his instant attraction to her. Avery feels the same about him. So naturally, they can’t stay away from each other. But at the Point, a country club for the rich where Avery works, there is a strict no fraternizing policy with members. Also, Avery is keeping a secret that could derail any possible future with Cayden.

Cayden is a brilliant technology wizard with a bright future ahead. His new product is sure to put him on the fast track to becoming a billionaire. Avery is an accomplished event planner with dreams of opening her own business when the time comes.

INCONVENIENT ATTRACTION is hot and exciting. There’s nothing like forbidden passion for getting the juices flowing. This story is a fantastic romance, well-written with excellent characters. Ms. Day always comes through with a thought-provoking plot with multifaceted and likable characters. Although they rub each other the wrong way at first contact, Avery and Cayden have history, and they sizzle between the pages. But, of course, they have some issues; like Avery’s involvement in a scandal that nearly ruined Cayden’s life years ago. But all is forgiven in the name of love. Ms. Day, I love this new series!

The Eddington Heirs Series is certainly getting off to a fantastic start with INCONVENIENT ATTRACTION. This story is an enjoyable read with a little drama to keep it interesting and great characters to keep you reading. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

13th January 2022 |