Review: Wild Rain
WILD RAIN - Beverly Jenkins
Harper Collins/Avon
February 2021
Historical Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING:  A+
REVIEW: At the not-so-subtle requests of her followers who strongly suggested that Spring Rain Lee, sister of Dr. Colton Lee and sister-in-law of Regan (TEMPEST), should have her own story, the prolific and writer extraordinaire, Beverly Jenkins, agreed to write that story. What a story it is! It is set in the small town of Paradise, Wyoming Territory, Post-Civil War. Spring has been living her life being “a woman alone”, that is, until Garrett McCray shows up. Garrett travels to Paradise from Washington, D.C. to interview Spring’s brother, Colton, a doctor of color practicing medicine in a “place not usually associated with the members of the race”.

I love Spring’s character. She is a beautiful woman who is unconventional, unapologetic, and unpretentious. Quite a breath of fresh air from the women whom Garrett associated with back East. Garrett and Spring meet by accident when she literally saves his life. I’ll allow you to discover the details of their first encounter. The chemistry between them is palpable. Although they are from what seems like different worlds, they each fill the void, that proverbial “hole in the soul” that two people who live life on their own terms put on the back burner. I learned something about Garrett’s personality, and it actually has a name.  You’ll get that when you read the author’s notes. However, there is no doubt about it, Spring and Garrett’s love journey is the heart and soul of this story.

As always, Ms Jenkins presents an accurate historical picture of the Wyoming Territory during this period in history. From the war waged on the Native American tribes by the local militias to the cattle barons, who in turn, claimed the land for themselves and their wallets. We also are presented with a look at the Union Navy and Black sailors of the Civil War period, and Black newspapers of that time. You can always count on Ms Jenkins to take us to school via her Historical Romance stories.

The story flows smoothly as we encounter the denizens of Paradise, who contribute to the intrigue and development of the major characters. Spring’s grandfather, Ben, is set-in-his ways; irascible and cantankerous all at the same time. Matt Ketchum, Spring’s nemesis who has no redeeming qualities at all, and Garrett’s family create tension and help to move the story along. We also catch up with Regan and her growing family. The HEA is special and totally fits the hero and heroine.

I highly recommend
WILD RAIN for your “edutainment” reading pleasure! While it can be read as a stand-alone, I strongly suggest you read TEMPEST, (Old West Book #3) where you will be introduced to Spring. WILD RAIN is another example of Ms. Jenkins’ brilliant writing, documented historical research, masterful pacing, and memorable complex characters. You can thank me later.

1st February 2021 |