Review: What She Deserves
WHAT SHE DESERVES - Deleney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING: B+
REVIEW: WHAT SHE DESERVES is part of the Quicksand stand-alone series. The latest installments focus on three friends. Readers met Layla Fleming in the book “NIGHT AND DAY”. She’s invaluable as a personal assistant and does well for herself. Successful businessman Rashad Green is the co-owner of a financial services firm. His goal is to live carefree, and he doesn’t do long term relationships.

Lalya and Rashad had a bad break up a few years back. Rashad wanted to slow things down and Layla forced his hand by ended it. Their connection was too intense to take it slow. When Rashad sees Layla for the first time since then, he’s thrown off-kilter by her beauty and has trouble focusing on anything else. Layla is in the same boat as she soaks in his sex appeal. Rashad is fine, plain and simple and hard to forget in the bedroom. Layla tries to keep her cool. Once they share a kiss all the feelings from the past come rushing back.

Rashad wants to start over as friends and lovers, but Layla doesn’t want to get hurt again. The passion they share is undeniable. There is a bit of a role reversal as Layla comes up with her own version of what a relationship with Rashad looks like. It’s more of a friends-with-benefits arrangement and Rashad isn’t feeling it at all. Rashad has trouble opening up because he’s keeping secrets from his past. Layla has put up protective armor because she’s not sure if Rashad has changed. The reconnection forces Rashad to figure out if he can trust Layla with everything. 

Supporting characters are good additions to the story. It’s great to get updates on Layla’s friends, Tamika and Dana. Rashad’s best friend and business partner, Alex and his wife Sherry (from Quicksand book “A Powerful Attraction”), are also like family.
WHAT SHE DESERVES is a good continuation of the Quicksand series and I recommend it

12th July 2021 |