Review: The Cowgirl's Surprise Match
Harlequin Special Edition
February 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: The Tillbridge Stable and Guesthouse is Zurie’s pride and joy. The years she spent taking care of the family legacy have been rewarding, but she needs a break. She is currently on a doctor mandated staycation. In the meantime, she’s agreed to make all the plans for her cousin Tristan Tillbridge, and his fiancé, actress Chloe Daniels, secret wedding.

Mason “Mace” Calderone is a dedicated Deputy Sheriff in his small town. He returned to Bolan four years ago after being in the Marines and completing law school. He is supposed to be studying for the bar exam so he can relocate and work in his family’s law firm, but
something is holding him back.

Zurie and Mace literally run into each other and Zurie spills her iced coffee, the drink she’s not supposed to be having, all over him. One look into Mace’s “whiskey-colored eyes” and she becomes a rambling mess. Mace has fond memories of Zurie tutoring him back in the day. He had a crush on her but serious, focused Zurie, pretty much dismissed him when he returned to town.

Mace, who is also Tristan’s best man, offers to help Zurie with preparations. While discussing plans, she gets light-headed, possibly from caffeine withdrawal, and Mace jumps right into action to make sure she’s ok. The chemistry is definitely there and they quickly start balancing wedding planning and spending time together. When Mace has an issue at work, Zurie is compassionate and understanding. Mace realizes Zurie is stressed and encourages her to center herself and focus on her well-being. She sees Mace as the total package. As it turns out, he’s a good stress reliever also! This turn of events is a surprise neither of them expect. However, Zurie is unsure if she’s willing to balance a relationship and Tillbridge. Mace has to make some critical decisions related to his family’s expectations versus what is best for him. The reader is rooting for them to figure it out.

THE COWGIRLS SURPRISE MATCH is a clever spin on the fake fiancé storyline. Fans of the series will appreciate updates on Chloe and Tristan and Nina and Scott. These and other supporting characters add depth to the story. Zurie’s restored relationship with her sister Nina is also refreshing. Ms. Crespo adds a bit of drama, which is expected when there is a secret wedding involved! I enjoyed THE COWGIRLS SURPRISE MATCH and highly recommend it.

1st March 2021 |