Review: Rare Danger
RARE DANGER - Beverly Jenkins
Montlake Publishing
November 2021
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: They cut off his hands.” Yes, boys and girls, that’s the first line of the prolific Beverly Jenkins’ latest Romantic Suspense Novella. I’m telling you that it only gets better from there. We’re back in the “D”, Detroit, Michigan, for those of you who don’t know. Librarian and curator, Jasmine Ware, the heroine of this story is caught up in a sinister plot that is life-threatening. Coming to her aid is the fine, Torr Noble, private security expert. There’s a story behind his first name, and I’ll allow you to discover what it is. Torr and Jas have a meet-cute on a parking lot after Jas’ date from hell. It’s a great scene!

What does a pair of lacerated hands, a librarian who operates as a curator to an affluent clientele, a security expert who happens to own a jet, a rare artifact smuggled from an ancient library at Timbuktu, and a man literally running for his life have in common? They all are important elements in this thriller of a story. Nobody sets up a plot like Beverly Jenkins. This nine-chapter story is fast-paced and smoking. If you can, read it in one sitting to get the full effect. You will be swept away by the smooth flowing storyline that is concise, compelling and clever, and the intriguing characters. Torr the Brave (you’ll get that when you read the story) is the perfect BJ hero, one smooth operator. Likewise, Jas is the epitome of the fearless, smart-as-a-whip heroines we have come to love in Ms Jenkins’ contemporary stories. Plus, they are a hot couple!

The minor characters, composed of family and friends, do their part in contributing to the story’s intrigue and the support of the major characters. I love the occupations of both Torr and Jas’ parents. The bad players are bad-to-the-bone, but no match for the wily Jas and the woman she calls Aunt Loretta. The HEA for the Lady Librarian and Torr the Brave is a wonderful holiday in paradise experience.

While Ms Bev is known for her incredible Historical books, there’s something about the Contemporary stories, usually set in Detroit, that are everything for me.
RARE DANGER is no exception. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure. My only regret is that it is a novella and not a full-blown novel, but I’ll take it. RARE DANGER is a winner, but don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself. You can thank me later!

16th November 2021 |