Review: An Officer and a Fortune
Harlequin Special Edition
May 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING: B+
REVIEW: AN OFFICER AND A FORTUNE is Book #5 of The Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortune author collaboration. Executive chef Nicole Fortune likes people watching when she goes to the market, because she’s curious about what type of meals they will be preparing. Someone catches her eye, or should I say her nose. Captain Collin Waldon had a “woodsy scent that trailed after him”. She knew she hadn’t seen him around town, and once she got a closer look she was drawn to his physique and eyes as well. Unfortunately for Nicole, Collin grabbed the last of the rosemary. Once they start talking, Collin insists Nicole take the rosemary for her new recipe. She takes it on the condition that Collin come to the Roja restaurant to try it.

Collin is based in Germany and is in town caring for his ill father. Nicole and Collin both have a passion for cooking. He even takes cooking vacations! Collin helps Nicole try out some new recipes for her summer menu. This helps keep both of their minds off the stressful situations they are both dealing with. There is a competing restaurant that will do anything to see the Fortune family fail. Collin is consumed with figuring out the care for his ailing Father, who is cantankerous quite a bit. They serve as an outlet for each other. Collin can temporarily get his mind off his father and he sparks creativity in Nicole. They also provide each other with good, practical advice on all fronts.

They are in sync and in tune with each other in the kitchen and start growing closer in the process. An innocent dance turns into a kiss. Both of their heads are spinning as they try to figure out where to go from there. Nicole and Collin have fallen for each other, that’s for sure. They continue to support each other and their desire grows. As Collin’s time in Rambling Rose winds down, he’s trying to figure out if they have a future.

Ms. Crespo has written a creative story line. Nicole and Collin’s connection is intense. There are plenty of touching moments as Collin gets to interact with Nicole’s family (including her very supportive sisters) and Nicole makes a positive impact on Collin’s Dad in a short period of time. Overall,
An Officer and a Fortune is a good read, and I recommend it.

3rd May 2021 |