Review: Finding Cooper
Elle Writes Books
March 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: FINDING COOPER is Book #1 of the much anticipated Once Upon A Funeral Series. Fans of previous series will remember Ava Prescott-Sullivan making pacts with her best girlfriends. Well, this time things are a little different. Ava and her four brothers are mourning the loss of their Grandfather, Abraham Prescott, who left last wishes for each of his Grandchildren. Cooper Prescott walked away from Prescott holdings years ago and built a successful construction business on his own terms. He cherished his relationship with his Granddad, but he and his father don’t see eye to eye. We also learn that Cooper doesn’t always make decisions for the right reasons.

Cooper is against moving back to Rosewood Heights. His Granddad had faith that he can be successful with his company, while also working with his family. As he avoids making the decision to move back, he gets to work on the special project his Granddad gave him; restore the home owned by Louise Fox.

Angel Crawford is also carrying out last wishes. Her Aunt Lou recently passed and left instructions about her house. When she meets Cooper, she refers to him as “cutie Prescott”. There is an instant attraction. Angel’s son Mekhi and Cooper connect over their love of spiders. It’s cute how Cooper is able to flirt with Angel while engaging her son Mekhi (who’s totally oblivious) at the same time. Anytime an adorable little boy is involved there are going to be cute moments.

The more Angel and Cooper work together, the more Angel feels a surprise connection to him.
He makes her feel comfortable, makes her laugh and brings out things she hasn’t focused on in years. She opens up to him about fears of getting in a relationship again. Initially, Cooper thinks he hasn’t gotten over the one that “got away” but as he spends more time with Angel and Mekhi, and enjoys the great meals she makes, he realizes he just hadn’t met the right person. He’s also ready to stop rebelling against his Dad and honor his Granddad’s wishes, but wondering if that ship has sailed thanks to past hurts.

FINDING COOPER is a sweet romance and a great way to kick off this latest series. The supporting characters include favorites from previous books and a surprise connection with one of Ava’s best girlfriends. We also learn enough about the Prescott brothers to peak our interest in the remaining books. Angel and Cooper rediscover themselves and find each other. I highly recommend this novella for your reading pleasure.

22nd March 2021 |