Review: A Very Intimate Takeover
Harlequin Desire
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: A VERY INTIMATE TAKEOVER is Book #1 in Laquette’s new series, Devereaux, Inc. Jordan Devereaux III, better known as Trey, is on a mission to take over her estranged grandfather’s company before he knows what hit him. She’s a shrewd business woman. I like the unique way that Laquette nicknames the Devereaux namesakes: Grandfather “Ace”, Father “Deuce” and Daughter “Trey”. Jeremiah Benton was taken in by Jordan “Ace” Devereaux when he was sixteen. Now, he’s the second in command at Devereaux, Inc. His goal is to bring the Devereaux family together in order to save the company.

Jeremiah orchestrated the first meeting with Deuce to discuss business. He is shocked, and also pleasantly surprised to see the curvy and confident woman standing before him instead. After a lot of flirting, he realizes Trey is there on behalf of her father. He tries to keep it professional, but it is too late at that point. There is a spark between these two for sure. Trey is drawn to Jeremiah and his piercing brown eyes. She is only interested in getting physically involved with Jeremiah so things won’t get complicated. Beyond the physical, they have a connection that Jeremiah has not experienced before. They also have a lot in common, including their love of “Air Jordans”.

Ace has been estranged from his son for years but kept track of the family thanks to Trey’s mom. Jeremiah and Ace have a touching relationship. It is refreshing to see a strong relationship between men. There isn’t a lot of dialogue with Trey and her mom, but I like how she inspired Trey to learn about her heritage and celebrate the black experience. Deuce and Trey have an unbreakable father/daughter bond. He molded her into the powerful, bold woman that she is.

The more time Trey spends with Ace, the more she tries to make things right; but will things backfire? In the end, her Grandfather knows what’s best. There is a lot of rich dialogue and the author provides great visuals to keep the reader connected to the story.
A VERY INTIMATE TAKEOVER is a fitting title for Book #1 in the Devereaux, Inc. Series, and I highly recommend it.

25th October 2021 |