Review:  The Three Mrs Grays
Kensington Books
April 2021
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming  RATING: A
REVIEW: Cyrus Grey is a wealthy man living a secret life juggling three wives and maintaining three households. Vanessa, Noelle, and Diamond Grey have no idea their husband is cheating on them until he is shot. Cyrus’s carefully orchestrated house of cards comes tumbling down while he lies in the hospital bed unconscious. His wives learn of each other’s existence and the reality of their situation devastates them. The wives get together and compare notes. They can’t believe a man so kind and loving could do this to them. Who is Cyrus’s legal wife? Will the real Mrs. Grey please step forward. In the meantime, the police are searching for the person who tried to kill the bigamist. And the wives are persons of interest.

Vanessa hasn’t worked in the last ten years. She is a stay-at-home mom of three having an affair of her own that is not so secret to her husband. Noelle is a sweet person and an ex-model with mental problems. She now owns a boutique funded by Cyrus. Diamond is a hostess at a local restaurant. She is also a twenty-three-year-old ex-prostitute who Cyrus rescued from the streets and gave  a better life. Cyrus is the glue that holds these three ladies together. He’s cheating on them. but he provides financial support to maintain the lavish lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.

THE THREE MRS. GREYS is drama at its best. The author has written a great story filled with secrets, lies, anger, frustration, and a host of other emotions. I like the premise of one man juggling three wives. He did it with such finesse until a near-tragedy struck. The hodgepodge of characters from different walks of life makes for very interesting reading. Cyrus and Julian have at best a tenuous partnership. Those two know secrets about each other they’d rather stay hidden. The three wives are like oil and water; they don’t mix. Makes you wonder what attracted Cyrus to women with such distinct personalities. Needless to say, this book is well-written with excellent characters and enough mystery to keep you interested to the end.

If you like an entertaining love triangle,
THE THREE MRS. GREYS is a must-read. All the twists and turns keep you reading to see what other secrets and skeletons come to light. And the ending leaves you wanting more. This book is part of a series so stay tuned for the next entry.

14th April 2021 |