Review: Just For The Holidays
Harlequin Desire
November 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING: B+
REVIEW: JUST FOR THE HOLIDAYS is the second book in the Sambrano Studios Series. We met Perla Sambrano in Book #1. She’s now the casting director of the studios and has grown closer to her half-sister, Esmeralda, who was appointed as the president. Perla knows that actor, Gael Montez, would be perfect for the studios’ next film. The only issue is, he broke her heart six years ago. Can she put her feelings to the side and focus on business?

Gael is tired of being cast in any movie that needs a “hot ethnic guy”, with no cultural significance. He is craving a passion project. The newest film that Sambrano studios is pitching would be perfect. He agrees to meet with Perla to discuss the details. His controlling uncle doesn’t want him to veer off course. He’s also not a fan of Perla’s.

As luck would have it, Perla and Gael get snowed in with Gael’s family on Christmas. It is awkward and uncomfortable, but it causes them to reminisce about their past. They try to keep it professional, but the combination of the Holidays and being stranded together causes plenty of fireworks. Physically, they pick up right where they left off. Gael realizes he made a mistake six years ago when he put his career first. Seeing Perla feels like “an electric current through his veins”. To Perla, Gael is still beautiful. His family also gives Perla a sense of belonging that she doesn’t get from her own.

I like how Ms. Herrera has infused Puerto Rican culture throughout the story, by providing details on the different cuisines and traditions. She also explores issues these characters. Gael fears that he is like his father and unable to freely love someone. Perla’s relationship with her mother has never been good, but goes from bad to worse when she gets closer to her half-sister.

While I enjoyed this second chance love story, I found that the storyline was predictable. I knew where the story was going regarding the conflict with Gael’s uncle. However, I recommend
JUST FOR THE HOLIDAYS. It’s an entertaining holiday story, and it’s a good continuation of the series.

22nd November 2021 |