Review: One Night with Cinderella
Harlequin Desire
February 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland  RATING:  A
REVIEW: ONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA by best-selling author Niobia Bryant is a fantastic and fabulous book. This is Ms. Bryant debut novel with Harlequin Desire, and she didn’t disappoint me at all with this book. It was my honor to be asked to review one of the legends in romance book. I couldn’t put this book down until I finished reading it.

ONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA tells the love story of Monica Darby and Gabriel Cress. Monica is the housekeeper for the wealthy Cress family. Gabriel is the son of Nicolette and Phillip Sr. He also works for the family business and is in the running to take over the family empire once his father decides to retire. Monica and Gabriel are attracted to each other and after one night only they, decide to give in to their attraction. Monica and Gabriel both cannot get over the night that they spent together. They find themselves thinking about one another constantly. Monica gets some news that changes her life for the better. Gabriel wants to return back to his first love which is being a Chef and opening a restaurant. Will Monica adapt to the new changes to her life? Will Gabriel find a balance to follow his dream and still work in the family business? Will Monica and Gabriel get their happy ever after? You will have to read the book to find out!

What I loved about this book was the storyline and how well-written it was. I felt like it was a modern day adaptation on the fairy tale Cinderella. This book had plenty of drama in it which I loved. hope Ms. Bryant is going to write about the rest of the Cress siblings. The love scenes are so sizzling hot and spicy.

Overall, I loved reading
ONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA. I’m looking forward to seeing what Ms. Bryant writes next. She shows us no matter what social class we are in life, we can find love and happiness. Make sure to grab your copy of this amazing book.

26th March 2021 |