Review: Tempt The Dragon
Harlequin Carina Press
January 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING:  A
REVIEW:  They are back! They are the Drakons, dragon shifters of the Far Realm with extraordinary powers who make their home in the Human Realm of Burgess, Pennsylvania, to protect the human population from vampires and witches out to destroy them. I love this series that, the talented and versatile, A.C. Arthur dubs Afrofuturist Paranormal Romance. TEMPT THE DRAGON is Book #3, and we get to know Aiken French, the half-human, half-dragon, and his mate, chameleon Drakon and bounty-hunter, Melody “Mel” Kane.

It’s been eighty years since Mel and Aiken last saw each other. You didn’t know? Drakons have a life span beyond imagination. When they parted, it was not on good terms, although they were in love with each other. Mel has issues with accepting her Drakon heritage. Her chameleon powers have proven to be an asset in her business of a Collector, hunting and capturing wanted vampires and turning them for money, but that shifting to a dragon business is not for Mel. I’ll let you discover why Mel rejects her Drakon powers.

As I said earlier, after eighty years, Mel and Aiken meet again when they both end up fighting the same vampire that Mel is after. If Mel can capture Duncan Sankano, who is leading the charge to raise a vampire army, she will collect a million dollars that she desperately needs. Why? You’ll have to read the story, friends. The storyline is intriguing and captivating as it gives us insights into the backstories of Aiken and Mel and leads up to the inevitable confrontation between the vampires and Drakons. I love the fact that it occurs in Africa, home of the Impundulu vampires. You’ll get that when you read the story. On the other hand, when you get past the vampires, drakons, and super-powers of both species, what you have left is a story about two beings who are attracted to each other. Mel is Aiken’s soulmate, without a doubt. It’s apparent every time they are together. Their love scenes are intimate, hot, and steamy!

To be sure, there are some evil actors in this story who have no redeeming qualities. Tempura, the evil Dhampir, is still a menace. However, we also get to reconnect with the other Drakons who are headquartered at Legion Security Company. Theo and Shola N’Gara Masters (
AWAKEN THE DRAGON, Book #1),  Steele And Ravyn Walsh Ezo, (CLAIM THE DRAGON, Book #2), and side characters, Ziva, Enes, Magnum, Reese, and Bleu. The HEA is everything! It is the highlight of an unconventional eighty-year relationship in a very traditional setting.

A.C Arthur is a master storyteller, and her skills are on display in this book.
TEMPT THE DRAGON is an entertaining and captivating read. For those of you who are searching for a different slant in a romance story, let me recommend TEMPT THE DRAGON. The book also comes with glossary that helps you with the terminology. You can thank me later!

13th January 2021 |