Review: A Lowcountry Bride
A LOWCOUNTRY BRIDE - Preslaysa Williams
Harper Collins/Avon Books
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Maya Jackson is a fashion designer who lives in New York. When she learns of her father’s fractured hip, she returns home to South Carolina to take care of him. She’s worried, however, that she might lose her job and the opportunity to be head designer for a well-known bridal brand. Maya will only be home for a few weeks and feels that she can continue to work while taking care of her father. Derek Sullivan is a local business owner in Charleston who happens to run a bridal shop. When his assistant retires, he hired Maya to fill the position temporarily. Derek agrees to take some of Maya’s beautiful creations on consignment, which helps bolster her designs' confidence. Neither Maya nor Derek envisions love to develop from their business arrangement. Maya never expected to be a bride, and Derek never expected to find love again. As fate will have it, they were both wrong.

Maya is a unique bridal fashion designer with health issues. She wants to be as famous as her employer, but there is one thing holding her back; herself. Maya doesn’t believe in her talents as a designer. She continues to work for a person who rejects her designs until someone special convinces her to take a chance. Derek is a veteran and widower with a twelve-year-old daughter. It’s been three years since his wife’s death, but both of them are still recovering from his wife’s death. The healing doesn’t begin until a woman with a big heart and lots of love to give comes into their lives.

A LOWCOUNTRY BRIDE is a beautifully written romance with fantastic characters and a credible and relatable storyline. This heartwarming story tugs at the heartstrings. Maya has Sickle Cell Anemia, but she is determined to live her life to the fullest. Not expecting to be a bride herself, she designs one-of-a-kind bridal creations for other women to enjoy. Derek enters the picture and changes that perspective. I love the way this story unfolds. With the heroine's chronic health issue, the author has created a kindhearted hero who loves her just the way she is. When Derek finds out about Maya’s illness, he doesn’t turn his back on her; he embraces her. He is unwilling to deny himself or his daughter the joy of having a loving relationship in their lives even after losing his first wife. Very emotional story but excellent writing!

I enjoyed reading
A LOWCOUNTRY BRIDE. The small-town setting is sweet, with characters you will love. I recommend you add this page-turner to your list of must-reads. You won’t be disappointed.

17th June 2021 |