Review: Christmas At The Château
Harlequin Special Edition
Jennifer Copeland |  Rating: A
REVIEW: CHRISTMAS AT THE CHÂTEAU by best-selling author Rochelle Alers is an amazing and heart-warming Christmas book. This is the Book #2 in her Bainbridge House Series. In this installment, the readers is following the romance of Viola Williamson and Dominic Shaw. Viola is an Executive Chef and one of the adopted children of Elise and Conrad Williamson. Dominic Shaw is the caretaker of the whole Bainbridge House estate.

Viola and Dom first meet each other when she goes to see her best friend and future sister-in-law Sonja at the estate so that she can see the kitchens that she will be running when the renovations are completed in two years. Viola is also there because she’s Sonja maid of honor and the wedding will be held at the chateau. Their meeting started off rocky because of the way Dom talked to Viola.  Dom apologizes and the two agree to become friends.  Their friendship grows as Viola and Dom spend time together touring the estate and having lunch and dinner dates together. Dom and Viola discover that they have feelings for one another and decide to give a relationship a chance. Will their relationship work out? Will the pair profess their love for one another? Will Viola and Dom get their happy ever after? You will have to read
CHRISTMAS AT THE CHÂTEAU by Rochelle Alers to find out!

What I loved about this book is the romance and how Ms. Alers takes us on the journey as Viola and Dom find love. It was refreshing to see them go through the stages beginning with friendship first. The storyline moves so seamlessly that I felt as if I were staying at the chateau and touring the estate. I loved how the book has a small town feel to it which I enjoyed very much. There is an element of surprise that I wasn’t expecting which had me all in my emotions. The chemistry between Viola and Dom is smoldering hot. I loved how Dom caters to Viola and supports her in her decision to help her siblings with the renovations and to run the kitchen.  It was also good to see Sonja and Taylor reappear.

Overall, I enjoyed reading
CHRISTMAS AT THE CHATEAU. It is such a feel-good story about love at Christmas. I cannot wait to see where Ms. Alers takes this series next. Make sure to grab a copy of this amazing book.

13th January 2022 |