Review: Throne of a Pharaoh
THRONE OF A PHARAOH - Sherelle Green
Independently Published
September 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: THRONE OF A PHARAOH is the continuation of USA Today’s best-selling author Sherelle Green’s Crowne Legacy Series. Ms. Green has a way of grabbing a reader’s attention in the first few sentences. I learned one thing from the beginning: Pharaoh Pierce Crowne is a trip! He is roasted by the family for how many kids he has. From a business perspective, he is more involved in the illegal aspects of Crowne enterprises. He’s been running underground organizations since he was ten. Genesis Brooks is a woman on a mission; she’s tough and has been involved in a lot of things. Her current goal is to right some wrongs from the past and she needs Pharaoh’s help.

Ms. Green describes Pharaoh so vividly with his locs, broad shoulders and skin tone as “gingerbread dipped in rich chocolate”. Pharaoh and Genesis have a past but it’s much more than meets the eye. Pharaoh refers to Genesis being his “heaven until she became his personal hell.” The physical chemistry is off the chain. Genesis knows exactly what to do to subdue Pharaoh. She has plenty of secrets and Pharaoh learns that their connection is deeper than he thought. Ms. Green slowly peels back the onion on Genesis and their connection throughout the story. 

I like how Ms. Green developed Pharaoh as a character. He downplays his intelligence. He eloquently states some things about the reality of the impact of addictions. Anything can be a drug (job, sex, relationships, etc.). Ms. Green’s creativity shines through with the chapter titles, her categorization of a certain physical act and the double meaning of
THRONE OF A PHARAOH. Pharaoh is a connoisseur of bedroom games.

The other members of the Crowne organization play pivotal roles in each book. Duchess and Stan do things in their own way and reveal them in due time. They see a greater calling for Pharaoh. He feels the same way about his kids and tells them to find and step into their purpose. I love his dedication to them. This book is serious and gritty, but there are doses of comic relief, especially by Hollis, and touching family scenes. The thrilling
Crowne Legacy continues in THRONE OF A PHARAOH, and I highly recommend it.

20th September 2021 |