Review: Seducing The Seal
Independently Published
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: SEDUCING THE SEAL is a fitting title for Book 2 of The Mitchell Brothers Series. Cage Mitchell’s career as a Navy Seal always keeps him on some mission and away from his family. He is now home for good after making a change when his best friend is killed in combat. There is something missing in Monae William’s relationship with Cameron Mitchell, Cage’s younger brother. They’ve spent too much time apart and the thrill is gone. Cameron is also career driven and not ready to settle down. Monae is passionate about her career as a social worker. Due to her upbringing in foster care, she craves stability. She’s also guarded and scared to let anyone get close.

The attraction between Monae and Cage is instant, and totally unexpected. Their life experiences, though different, have shaped them similarly as adults. Cage has been the odd man out as his older and younger brother are each of his parents favorites. Monae, unfortunately didn’t feel wanted by her Mother at all. Cage is like a fish out of water trying to adjust to civilian life and Monae is able to read him so well. Beyond the physical, Cage wants to get to know her more. Their connection is undeniable and the chemistry is explosive.
Monae is torn as she and Cage try to do the right thing.

The premise behind Monae and Cage meeting is realistic, considering Cage never stayed in town long enough to hang out with his family. Monae and Cage work and play in the same part of town and cross paths. I like how Ms. St. John captures the commonalities between Monae and Cage. Ultimately, there is a family fracture and the reader will wonder about how Ms. St. John is going to get this couple to their HEA. Let’s just say that she has included a fair amount of family drama to shock the readers.

SEDUCING THE SEAL is a great continuation of The Mitchell Brother Series. It was good to get an update on older brother Caden, Savannah and their growing family. Caden gives Cage advice when he needs it, though he may not follow it. I highly recommend SEDUCING THE SEAL for your reading pleasure.

15th October 2021 |