Review: Until Death
UNTIL DEATH - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press
March 2021
Romantic Suspense
REVIEW: UNTIL DEATH is Book #2 in the Plan B Series. It picks up a little while after UNTIL NOW left off so it’s important to read that book first. Cruz Cordoba is an emotional wreck, understandably so, and he won’t stop until he finds out what happened to Shanice. In the midst of everything, he’s remains focused. Shanice Lawrence is trying to put the pieces of her life back together. I realized pretty quickly that things were not what they seemed. Shanice and Cruz have both been deceived, but why?

Eventually, Shanice and Cruz reunite. Once they get past the initial shock of seeing each other, their physical explosiveness takes over as if they were never apart. Cruz is able to express his true feelings, and has a deeper connection with Shanice than he realized. There are plenty of touching moments as they make a commitment to love each other, until death.

As time passes, Cruz accomplishes his goal of starting his own agency. Shanice also has dreams of her own. Despite all they have been through, they still have typical couple issues; Shanice’s goals are in conflict with how Cruz wants to raise their family. I expected them to work through this and get back to their “happily ever after”, however, Ms. Diamond sets the stage for conflict. How it plays out is unexpected, which is in line with the suspenseful theme and keeps things interesting. Cruz will protect his family at all costs, and exudes sex appeal while doing so. Shanice kicks in as well, when she needs to.

Ms. Diamond does not disappoint in her first romantic suspense series. There is plenty of action, drama and physical heat. I highly recommend the
Plan B Series and look forward to what’s next.

3rd April 2021 |