Review: What He Wants For Christmas
Harlequin Desire
December 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: WHAT HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS introduces us to the third Outlaw sibling, Sloan. The Outlaws are the recently discovered Alaskan-based cousins of the legendary Westmoreland clan. Just like their cousins, the six Outlaw siblings are wealthy, sexy, and good-looking. Leslie Cassidy is Sloan’s love interest, and she is a worthy Brenda Jackson heroine-fine and feisty. When the story opens, Sloan and Leslie are reunited at a wedding of mutual college friends after ten years. When Sloan sees her, he is instantly reminded that Leslie broke his heart. I’ll let you discover how that happened.

Ms Jackson is a genius at giving old and familiar romance tropes new life. In this story, she flawlessly incorporates forced proximity and second chance at love into the storyline while topping it off with an offer that Sloan hopes Leslie cannot refuse. There is also a bit of intrigue that places Leslie family’s cosmetic company in jeopardy. The story is crafted around the Christmas holidays, making it a charming holiday romance. There’s even a trip to the North Pole to visit a delightful family of toy makers. However, the piece-de-resistance of the story is what Sloan really wants for Christmas. Hint: It’s not a what; it’s a who. I’ll leave that right there. Plus, nobody writes steamy love scenes like Ms Brenda. There’s an Alaskan blizzard outside while it’s blazing hot inside. Whew!

I love the story connections that pop up in Ms Jackson’s books. Look for the connection to
BANE (The Westmorelands Book 31). You can also look forward to the Outlaw siblings appearing in minor character roles, and updates on some of the Westmoreland couples and their growing families. There is also a despicable character, Martin Longshire who gets the Boo-Hiss Award. I like this story. For my fellow romance lovers out there, the story begins with a wedding and ends with a wedding. What more can you ask for!

WHAT HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS is an enjoyable story that is just-in-time for your Christmas holiday “to read” book list. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1st December 2021 |