Review: The Road To Rose Bend
HQN Books
April 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming  RATING: A
REVIEW: Sydney Collins left Rose Bend eight years ago after her sister’s death, reeling from her parent’s rejection. Divorced and pregnant, she decides to return home to raise her baby in a place that meant so much to her growing up. Being the black sheep in the family, she knows what to expect on her return. But her baby is worth any sacrifice she faces personally to ensure her child grows up in a loving environment with family and friends. Cole Dennison is the first person Sydney runs into when she returns to Rose Bend. Cole is still grieving for his wife and child he lost in childbirth. Sydney reminds him of everything he lost so he intends to avoid her at all cost. But Sydney is not one to be ignored. She makes Cole feel guilty for his attraction to her. But when Sydney’s ex-husband threatens her newfound security in Rose Bend will Cole come to her aid or stay locked inside his grief?

Sydney has always been known in Rose Bend as a rebel. In the past eight years, she has grown up into a responsible adult, ready to take on the job of motherhood as a single Mom despite what the gossips may say behind her back. Cole is a broken man since the death of his wife and child. He’s an attorney and the Mayor of Rose Bend. He’s not living, he just exists from day to day. His heart is locked up tight with grief and he won’t allow anyone in, until now.

THE ROAD TO ROSE BEND is an emotional roller coaster ride for the two main characters in this story. Cole has been grieving for so long he’s afraid to reach out and try love again for fear of losing again. Sydney’s rejection by her family made her feel unloved and alone. When Sydney and Cole come together, they mend each other’s hearts. It’s a long road for both of them, but they manage to make it through. Cole and Sydney are coming from a place of pain so deep it’s overwhelming at times. Fortunately, they come out on the other end intact. The author has written another winner. Some of the scenes are so moving and realistic. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, be happy or sad. The characters are complex and compelling, likable, loveable, and just what you would expect from Ms. Simone.

THE ROAD TO ROSE BEND is a beautiful story and a joy to read. I recommend you add this book to the library. You won’t be disappointed. But have your Kleenex close at hand. You might just shed a tear or two.

27th April 2021 |