Review: One Christmas Wish
HQN Books
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Jackson | RATING: A
REVIEW: The fifth book of the Romance Queen, Brenda Jackson’s Catalina Cove Series, ushers us into the Christmas season with a delightful story that features, Vaughn Miller, a native of Catalina Cove, Louisiana, and Sierra Crane, local restaurateur of the Green Fig. They both grew up in the Cove, left for greener pastures, but eventually returned. Their back stories are intriguing and instrumental to the storyline.

When the story opens, Vaughn receives some great news that influences his interactions with the denizens of Catalina Cove. Before he received this news, he limited his contact with people, and his participation in town activities. I’ll allow you to discover the reason why. Once Vaughn feels more comfortable socializing, one of his first moves is to dine in at the Green Fig operated by Sierra Crane. And yes, there is definitely a mutual attraction. They are a hot couple! As I mentioned earlier, their backstories are quite compelling. Sierra’s move back to Catalina Cove, is prompted by a bad marriage and the death of a childhood friend. After her friend’s death, Sierra becomes the legal guardian of her friend’s daughter. Six-year-old, Teryn. I like how Ms Jackson utilized  Teryn’s role in the story. It is because of her that the “one Christmas wish” notion becomes a real thing. You will understand that when you read the story. The story not only sizzles with romantic heat, but it also tugs at your heart strings, and reassures you that good things happen to good people.

If you follow this series, then you will be familiar with the minor characters  who appear in the story to offer support to the major characters, Sierra and Vaughn. There’s Sawyer and Vashti (
LOVE IN CATALINA COVE), Bryce and Kaegan (FINDING HOME AGAIN), and Ashley and Ray (FORGET ME NOT) just to name a few who make an appearance. On the other hand, the Boo-Hiss Award goes to Nathan, Sierra’s ex-husband who has no redeeming qualities at all. The HEA is the answer to the hero and heroine’s Christmas wishes.

Brenda Jackson has done it again!
ONE CHRISTMAS WISH is a compelling and enjoyable read that I recommend. It’s a great addition to your list of holiday stories. Tis the season!

7th November 2021 |