Review: The Sweetest Cherade
Harlequin Carina Press
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan | RATING:
REVIEW: Debut author, Jadesola James hits a home run with THE SWEETEST CHARADE. I love the way she handles the tried-and-true romance tropes of opposites attract and the fake relationship. Starring in this engaging story are Professor Alexander Abbott-Hill, a staid University professor and a scion of a well-established old-money family, and Delysia Daniels, popular social media influencer, as the unlikely couple who hook up to promote their individual interests.

Delysia’s agent, Faye, is responsible for the ruse that brings the hero and heroine together. The Professor’s love of luxury trains is one of the most unique subplots that I have had the pleasure to read about. His family’s family train, reduced to two cars, is the catalyst for his obsession for restoring the family cars. When Delysia mistakenly tags him in one of her sexy photo-blogs, the professor leaps from an obscure academia lifestyle  to a social icon with four thousand followers and rapidly climbing. What a predicament! I like how the author brings these two unlikely people together as they pose as lovers and take their show on the rails with a luxurious travel venue. Delysia’s backstory is quite intriguing and connects well to the storyline when you discover she is not the social butterfly she seems to be. You’ll get that when you read the story.

The side characters are major players who contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the hero and heroine. I like the savvy of Delysia’s agent, Faye, and the bond between Delysia and her mother. A Boo-Hiss joint award goes to Nicky Kim and his sister, Eden. You’ll understand when you read the book. Kudos to the author for her excellent research on luxury trains and flawlessly incorporating it in the story. The HEA is delightful!

THE SWEETEST CHARADE is an excellent introduction to the talented Jadesola James. I’m looking forward to reading more of her stories. In the meantime, I recommend THE SWEETEST CHARADE for your reading pleasure.

12th July 2021 |