Review: Mistletoe in Juneau
Hallmark Publishing
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland  | RATING: A
REVIEW: MISTLETOE IN JUNEAU by USA Today best-selling author Dahlia Rose is a fantastic and heart-warming book. Dahlia Rose is a new to me author that I had the pleasure to read and review. I will definitely be reading more of her books. The cover of this book is gorgeous, and it drew me in from the very beginning without reading the blurb.

MISTLETOE IN JUNEAU tells the heart-warming and sweet romance story Danni St. Peters and Declan Mathias. Danni is a Social Media Influencer with her travel blog, Danni on the Run, while Declan is an Alaskan State Trooper as well as an Army Vet. Danni is tired of the way that her blog is going because her boyfriend/manager is trying to make it into something different than what she had envisioned from when she first started it. When her best friend, Amy, asks her to come visit her family in Juneau, Danni is undecided at first but when her so-called-boyfriend Austin does something that she doesn’t agree with, she changes her mind and decides to go on the trip. When Danni gets to Juneau, she is in awe with the scenery and the snow. Amy sends Declan “Sarge” Mathias to pick her up. When they first meet, Declan is not as talkative as Danni is and she feels like he doesn’t like her.  When Amy tells her what happened to Sarge Mathias, she is drawn to him. Declan feels that he cannot have a happily-ever-after because of what happened to him when he was in the Army. He is trying to adjust to his new life outside of being in the Army. Will Danni be able to show Declan that he can have it all with her? Will Danni start living her life instead of existing? Will the pair get their happy ending? You will have to read MISTLETOE IN JUNEAU by Dahlia Rose to find out!

What I loved about the book was its setting. I have never traveled to Alaska and the way that Dahlia Rose wrote this, I felt like I was experiencing everything that Danni did while she was visiting in Juneau. The descriptions were so vivid, they made me enjoy the book so much.  The storyline was amazing and it flowed so seamlessly.
MISTLETOE IN JUNEAU has a lot of romance and it is such a heart-warming feel-good Christmas story of finding love. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book so much! I’m not a Hallmark movie kind of woman but if they decide to make this novel into a movie, I would definitely watch it because the book is an amazing read.

20th December 2021 |