Review: Training Gia
Rose Gold Press
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Gia Baxter is a successful engineer who is in a toxic work situation. This is causing her to have health issues, as her job is impacting her overall well-being. Gia’s younger sister Trista arranges for six weeks with a personal trainer and fitness coach to help Gia get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. The trainer is good looking Lamar Pearce, who pretty much stops Gia in her tracks. Lamar is a recently retired Ultimate fighting champion and part owner of several fitness centers.

Gia doesn’t feel she is worthy of Lamar training her based on his background. There are some things going on below the surface about how her sister Trista, a social media and internet star, convinced a former fighting champion and MMA trainer to help Gia. There is a spark when Gia and Lamar shake hands for the first time. She thinks Lamar is tall, dark and handsome. Lamar’s attraction to Gia caught him by surprise, and he thinks she is beautiful. He is able to keep it professional, in the beginning. Gia quickly learns that Lamar means business. As the story progresses, Gia and Lamar develop a connection. Lamar can confide in Gia because she is compassionate and empathic.

I did find Gia’s works situation a little bit hard to believe, based on how she carried herself outside of the office. However, this is a sweet story and I learned a lot of detail about MMA fighting. As far as supporting characters, Gia’s sister means well, but that doesn’t always translate to her actions. I like how Lamar and his business owners are more like family.
TRAINING GIA is my first book by Ms. Prah and I recommend it.

23rd August 2021 |