Review: The Society of Intellectual Beings
Siri Austin Entertainment
November 2021
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: I am beginning this review with a disclaimer. If you have not read NEWS WITH CURVES, Ms Bolling’s 2018 Romantic Suspense story that introduced Rachel Fontaine and Wade Tyson (the hero and heroine of this story) along with their colorful families, then put S.I.B.s on the back burner and read NEWS WITH CURVES. After NEWS WITH CURVES, read THE AFTERMATH: A Nate Reigns Novel. I know it seems like a lot of reading, but it will tie all the enigmatic pieces of the storyline together. Then you will be ready for S.I.B.s.

The Society of Intellectual Beings, is a real thing. It is the evil legacy and wicked brainchild of the Chambers family who has steadily promoted and developed the society for three generations. Wade, and his adoptive brothers, Monty, Dane, Drake, and Ross are victims of an horrendous ideology that borders on ignorance and lunacy. I like this story because everything that the society sets up, develops, and manipulates will eventually bite the Chambers and the minions who do their bidding, in the butt. Ms Bolling does a masterful job of drawing the reader in as she starts at the beginning to reveal Wade’s family history, along with his siblings. Of course, Rachel is right by his side through the whole ordeal. They are quite the couple as they uncover one breakthrough after another. You will also discover that the Tyson men are brilliant and a little scary at times with some amazing powers, almost like super heroes who are ready to trounce the bad guys.

Most of the action occurs in a two week period in the town of Bristol, Virginia, a one-stop-sign hamlet that houses a general store, a bed and breakfast, and restaurant where an eclectic cast of side characters work and hang out. Bristol is important to Wade and his brothers, because that’s where Wade lived at one time with his parents. His brothers also have a connection there as well. Wade is drawn to Bristol because the answers about his and his siblings childhood can only be found in the town that also houses a mysterious clinic, run by the deranged Chambers’ family, that nobody in the town has ever stepped foot in. There’s a lot of nasty business that has happened and is still happening in that clinic, and the Tyson brothers, along with some allies are up to the challenge of exposing it. The HFN for Wade and Rachel is also accompanied by the discovery of a slew of bodies pulled from various rivers, and a phone call to who else, Nate Reigns from
THE AFTERMATH. I’m going to leave that right there.

This story is epic with a lot of moving parts. It’s a modern day action-packed suspense and mystery with a pinch of romance. I highly recommend it. Ms Bolling gives her readers a lot to think about- like the segments of this story that mimic what is happening today in our society.You will totally get it when you read
S.I.B.s.,and you can thank me later. I can’t wait to read the next book.

18th December 2021 |