Review: Consequences of Passion
Harlequin Desire
April 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: The title of Yahrah St. John’s latest offering, CONSEQUENCES OF PASSION, appropriately captures the theme of the book. COO of the Atlanta Cougars football franchise, Roman Lockett, and Psychiatrist Shantel Wilson, have an unintended consequence after spending a steamy night together. Shantel and Roman’s brother, Julian, have been close friends since college.

Roman is doing his sister, Giana, a favor by participating in a charity bachelor auction. Shantel is also attending with a plan to bid on her friend, Julian, but he is a no show. She has admired Roman from afar, with his chocolate skin and ebony eyes over the years, but he never paid much attention to her. She wore a sexy, but classy dress, and Roman is attracted to her natural beauty. They make a connection right away. Roman has no interest in the other women in attendance and Shantel reluctantly agrees to bid on him instead. He has ideas on how the night will end, but is also honest about not being interested in commitment. Shantel knows what she is getting into. Their night together is incredible and Roman is so attentive to her needs. She is still a little disappointed by how the night, or should I say morning, ends. A physical presence is definitely better than a note.

The bulk of the story deals with how Shantel and Roman handle their changing lives and make decisions about their future. Roman knows Shantel is different from other women he has dated, and he is drawn to her. Once he finds out she is carrying his child, there is only one solution in his mind. There are a lot of unanswered questions, but one thing is for sure, their chemistry is off the charts. They are also dealing with things in their respective lives; Roman is trying to live up to his fathers’ expectations, but they don’t see eye to eye. He is also working through issues with his brother Julian. Shantel is passionate about her work and helping people. She doesn’t realize she has unresolved issues with feelings of abandonment. Roman makes her feel protected and cared for, but is that enough?

CONSEQUENCES OF PASSION is a great start to the Locketts of Tuxedo Park series. The supporting characters round out the story. It has a nice flow, pulls the reader in and I highly recommend it.

12th April 2021 |