Review: A Blues Singer To Redeem Him
Harlequin Historical
August 2021
Historical Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Elle Jackson has penned a compelling historical romance that transports the reader to the prohibition, speakeasy, segregated era of the 1920’s. Kansas City is the main backdrop for this intriguing story that features Evelyn Laroque, a talented African American singer, and Lorenzo De Luca, the Italian American owner of Blues Moon, a popular integrated nightclub.  This well-written story has many layers that contributes to it being a page-turner.

Evelyn Laroque has a desire to be a blues singer and earn enough money to support herself and her grandmother, who took care of her and her older brother when their parents were killed during the horrendous Greenwood, Oklahoma Massacre of 1921. The massacre plays an historically significant part in the backstory of the heroine. I’ll allow you to discover the details of that devastating experience, and how it affects Evelyn’s life. As I mentioned, the Blues Moon integrated nightclub, owned by the story’s hero is an exception to the rule, as is Lorenzo, himself. Coming from an old Italian Mafia family, Lorenzo is expected to follow in the tradition of the son stepping into his father’s shoes as the Don of la famiglia. However, Lorenzo has other plans for his life, and they don’t include him being a Don. When Evelyn and Lorenzo meet at Blues Moon, the chemistry is instant. Obviously, there are many taboos that the couple faces- the Ku Klux Klan which is alive and well to name one, and the  stigma and laws in place against being with one not of your race, to name another. What chance does Evelyn and Lorenzo have of making a life together? They are drawn together in spite of their very different backgrounds.  Then, there’s a town called West Eden, where Lorenzo, at first, finds himself unwelcome to his dismay. You are in for a great read when you delve into this story.  Kudos to Ms Jackson for an engrossing debut historical that pulls you in at the Prologue.

The minor characters contribute to the intrigue and development of the main characters. I like the diversity of the characters who help to make the story believable - from Lorenzo’s faithful employees and long-time friends to the white supremacists of the KKK, and the Italian mob. It’s a great mix of good and bad guys. The HEA is everything!

A BLUES SINGER TO REDEEM HIM is an entertaining and captivating story. I enjoyed it, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1st September 2021 |