Review: Picture Perfect Christmas
Coffee Brat Publishing
December 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: We are back in Cappuccino Valley where all things coffee reign. Everly Price and Falcon Kimery are the couple of the hour, but they really take a back seat to their children. Greyson, Everly’s son and Haven, Falcon’s daughter are the real stars of this romantic comedy! I love their antics and all the mayhem they cause.

While both adults, Everly and Falcon are trying to get their lives back on track, parent their children, and just try to “have a life”, their children are on what seems to be a rampage to completely disrupt their lives with their off-the-chart high jinks. At school or at home, they never let up. Everly and Falcon are completely at their wits end to come up with a solution to their children’s constant chaos. I love this story, and I love Ms Blount’s take on second chance at love and the parent trap themes. The true stars of this story are the scene-stealing off-spring of Everly and Falcon.

PICTURE PERFECT CHRISTMAS is a quick entertaining read that will have you laughing and shaking your head. I recommend it for you reading pleasure at any time of the year. It’s funny and witty, and it also comes with some hot romance that gives those good feeling vibes. Kudos to up and coming author Sharon Blount for her delightful Rom-Coms that not only entertain, but carry a message.

1st December 2021 |