Review: Bayou Christmas Disappearance
Harlequin Intrigue
December 2021
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER: Diertra Thomas | RATING: A
REVIEW: What do you do when your college friend, Olivia Whitman, goes missing? If you are Mona Avery, a talented cable news investigative reporter, you pull out all the stops and you go. While Mona is used to doing things on her own, she partnered up with the lead Detective Dillon Reed who is about keeping things close to the vest for his own personal reasons. Even though the two are butting heads and catching feelings, there is a lot going on in this town and they must put those feelings aside to solve this case and get the ending they both want which is to find and bring Olivia Whitman home alive.

BAYOU CHRISTMAS DISAPPEARANCE should be its own two-hour mystery movie. The author, Denise N. Wheatley, lays it all out just like a movie director. You have the very beautiful, smart, and talented cable news reporter, Mona Avery, and you can’t leave out the very handsome lead detective, Dillon Reed, who is attracted to the beautiful reporter. There is the forced working relationship between to the two. Then we have Olivia Whitman, who is a wealthy and successful. She is loved by all and hated by few. Her husband, Blake Carter, is, of course, the opposite - loved by all the women and feared by all. Of course, we can’t forget about the wealthy families, the family drama, and secrets. Ms. Wheatley even throws us a very unruly brother, who makes you laugh at and maybe, feel sad for. You can be the judge on those feelings when it comes Oliver Whitman and the whole set of characters in this mystery.

I love the writing style of Denise N. Wheatly. She has a way of giving you just enough detail that allows you to imagine what’s going on. If you’re looking for good book that moves right along and keeps you turning the page because you can’t get enough of the suspense then I would recommend
BAYOU CHRISTMAS DISAPPEARANCE for you and a friend, so you can both share in the suspense.

24th December 2021 |