Review: Two Hot Kisses
TWO HOT KISSES - Yahrah St. John
Independently Published
January 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: What are the odds that college friends who lost touch, would see each other after ten years? Brandon Cobb, a successful author who’s based in LA, spots Sasha Bennett in the crowd at his book signing in New York on New Year’s Eve. Sasha is an aspiring artist and has not reached the level of success that she desires.

Brandon wanted more from Sasha in college, and he definitely does now. Sasha sees Brandon in a new light and is “smitten”. She didn’t remember him impacting her like this in the past. The two agree to spend New Year’s Eve together and the story progresses from there. As the day goes on, Sasha is a bit overwhelmed by the attraction. However, there is nothing holding them back and Brandon tells Sasha exactly how he feels.

Despite the brewing sexual tension, they easily settle into enjoying each other’s company and are comfortable talking about any topic. Brandon continues to be a sense of calm and encourages Sasha regarding her career. After the two share “two hot kisses”, they decide to throw caution to the wind. Brandon also wants to explore the future beyond the wonderful day they have spent together, but insecurity seeps in and Sasha is afraid of what’s to come.

TWO HOT KISSES is uniquely written because it takes place over a 24-hour period. The city of New York is also a main character as Ms. St. John takes the reader along with Sasha and Brandon as they enjoy the sights. Sasha has a good friend who adds comedic banter and tries to talk some sense into her. TWO HOT KISSES is a great addition to the New Year Bae-Solutions collaboration and I highly recommend it.

19th January 2021 |