Review: Desperate Measures
Madaris Publishing
September 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Prolific author, Brenda Jackson still reigns! There has been a lot of buzz about the Men of Action Series beginning with the first book, ENTANGLED PURSUITS. This book, DESPERATE MEASURES, keeps the buzz alive! Dakota “Dak” Navarro proves that he is, indeed, a “man of action”. Dak is a successful businessman who has developed his own army. More about that later. The heroine, Amelia Courson,  whom we met in The Protectors Series, is a medical doctor and sister of Stonewall Courson from LOCKED IN TEMPTATION. Dak and Amelia are attracted to each other and being with Amelia is pure temptation. So, for two years, they “dance” around each other. What’s a brother to do when a woman constantly remains on his mind? He goes into action!

Dak Navarro is a man with a complicated past that still haunts him. In spite of all his accomplishments, Dak decides that in order to move on, he has to deal with his desire for Amelia. The feeling is mutual. Amelia is just as taken with Dak and would like to take her attraction to the next level. I love the sexual tension between Dak and Amelia, and the exotic setting  (Bali) that propels their affair. He flies Amelia in his private plane designed and built by Granger Aeronautics. I can’t say enough about the connections from other series, beginning with The Grangers, that Ms Jackson incorporates into this story. The characterization is on point! What is more, while the sex scenes are hot, the action is hotter! Dak Navarro proves he is not the one to go up against. His past, which I will let you discover, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are also the accomplishments of his business in technological innovations that he has integrated in his personal life that marks him as a “man of action’.  Remember, I mentioned Dak has his own army, and it’s not like anything you’ve seen.  The son of one of Dak’s old enemies is out for revenge, and Dak’s army is ready. No spoilers. That scene is a jaw dropper!

The side characters lend support and are actively involved in the development of the major characters. Love the double romance story that features side characters, Syl, Dak’s pilot  and Peggy, Dak’s flight attendant. There’s nothing like a wedding to bring characters together under one roof; the Grangers, the Protectors, and the Men of Action. If you are a follower of Brenda Jackson, then you will enjoy every chapter of this story that highlights old and new characters. The HEA is made sweeter, when Dak, the man of action, avenges a wrong that was made against Amelia before they met. Swoon time!

Once again, the Queen of Romance, Brenda Jackson, has proven that not only can she still bring the sultry, sexy, stimulating romance to her stories, but also the technological intrigue that makes those stories even better. I recommend DESPERATE MEASURES for your reading pleasure. Great read!

28th September 2021 |