Review: Back To Love
BACK TO LOVE - A. C. Arthur
Rose Gold Press
September 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Talented author, A.C. Arthur offers a sweet look at second chance love featuring Jorie Kemp, a home designer, and Dominic Hughes, a constructor. JK Designs is Jorie’s company, and Renegade Construction is owned by Dom. They meet by chance after 20 years at a site that they both are scheduled to work. It’s a big deal for a number of reasons.

I enjoyed
BACK TO LOVE because it is centered around house flipping reality TV. Jorie and Dom are unknowingly scheduled to work together on a TV show contest where they are challenged to come up with the best reconstruction and design of a house. Until they meet at the contest house, neither one has any idea who owns JK Designs or Renegade Construction. That meeting is intense because they have history. The disappointment of young love is hard to get over. However, they are determined to let the past stay in the past in order to win the contest. Well, plans sometimes do not work out. As the storyline unfolds, you will discover that neither Jorie nor Dom can forget what they meant to each other, and how their dreams of being together evaporated into twenty years of regret and bitter disappointment. For Dom, his one bright spot is his son by another woman. For Jorie, her one bright spot is her business that she built after divorcing a man who did not respect her.

Just how Jorie and Dom get “back to love” is the main focus of the story. It is not only complicated by their backstories, but it is also complicated by the presence of Dom baby’s mama, Rasheda, or Ra-Ra, as she was known back in high school. Interesting character! The other side characters do their part to support the main characters. The HEA is predictable but satisfying.

BACK TO LOVE is an entertaining and engaging read that centers around one of my favorite tropes, Second Chance Love. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

29th September 2021 |