Review: A Kiss To Remember
HQN Books
September 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Declan Howard is an eligible bachelor who comes to Rose Bend on the weekends to visit his mother. During his visits, his mother plays matchmaker, to Declan’s dismay. He comes up with a plan but needs a willing participant. Imagine Remi Donovan’s surprise when Declan walks up to her desk in the library and asks if he can kiss her. Stunned, Remi looked around to make sure he was speaking to her. After all, why would a gorgeous man like Declan want to kiss her? She finally agrees, and the kiss is one that they will never forget. To please his mother and evade the clutches of a determined woman, Declan enters into a pact with Remi to be his pretend girlfriend. Their fake relationships develop into something real. But having been burned before, will they take another chance on losing at love?

Remi is a librarian in the small town of Rose Bend. Her plus-sized figure has always been a source of gossip to compare Remi to her petite sisters. But Remi is happy with herself and wishes that her mother would accept it and stop offering unsolicited advice. Declan is in wealth management and doing very well. His mother is busy trying to find a mate for him. But after the deception of his wife, Declan has no interest in love. Instead, he is completely satisfied with his life.

A KISS TO REMEMBER is a sweet novella from beginning to end. It may be a short story, but it has all the elements of a fully developed novel. I love the characters in this funny, enjoyable, romantic story. Declan and Remi experienced betrayal in previous relationships, making them perfect candidates for a second chance at love. Remi finds that with her luscious curves, she can still find love. I was so glad when Remi told her mother in not-so-subtle words to back off or else. Likewise, Declan comes to realize that trust is possible with the right woman. Love comes in all sizes. Together these two are ideal for each other. Kudos to the author, Naima Simone, for a well-written story.

Thank you,
Ms. Simone, for another visit to Rose Bend. A KISS TO REMEMBER was certainly worth the trip. I recommend that romance enthusiasts add this book to your library. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about love in this cozy little town, and I’m sure you will too.

21st September 2021 |