Review:  Winner Takes All
Sourcebooks Casablanca
April 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: I read my first Sandra Kitt book in the 1980s when she wrote for Harlequin. At the time, I didn’t realise that she was black until she penned, ADAM AND EVA, the first Harlequin book to feature a black hero and heroine. Later, Ms. Kitt would also release the first romance to feature an interracial couple, THE COLOR OF LOVE, one of my all-time favorite romance novels. In the last few years, Ms. Kitt has been mostly dormant, so I was more than delighted when WINNER TAKES ALL appeared as a future release.

WINNER TAKES ALL begins with Jean Travis announcing the latest lottery winner. She is surprised that the winner is none other than her high school crush, Patrick ‘Trick’ Bennett. While teenagers, there was an attraction between the two, but unfortunate obstacles got in the way. Now, the possibility of a second chance presents itself. WINNER TAKES ALL explores the nature of second chance romances, but the hero and heroine must face challenges of the present before they find their happily-ever-after. 

There is a lot I enjoyed about this book. I found both the hero and heroine to be likeable. I loved the fact that Ms. Kitt does not shy away from dealing with race issues. And, yes, I love to read stories about second chances and friends becoming lovers. Jean has grown into a strong, confident woman and has a successful public career. Patrick, too, has been successful and now, that he has won the lottery, he must deal with the problems that most lottery winners have to face. All this pointed to a story that intrigued me.

I did enjoy
WINNER TAKES ALL. However, at times, the story felt a bit bogged down by too much going on, as if the author wanted to cover as many issues as possible. A good relationship, to me, is built on a couple’s ability to communicate. Jean and Patrick failed to do this and as a result, their journey to their happily-ever-after seems drawn out. While this was a satisfying romance, I did not feel that intense emotional appeal which is a hallmark of Ms. Kitt’s writing.

WINNER TAKES ALL is a welcomed return to writing romance for Ms. Kitt and one I enjoyed. I look forward to the others in the series and recommend this to long-time fans of Ms. Kitt’s work and those new readers looking for a good romance.

19th April 2021 |