Review: One Week to Claim It All
ONE WEEK TO CLAIM IT ALL - Adriana Herrera
Harlequin Desire
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: Esmeralda Sambrano-Peña is not the only one surprised when her estranged father, Patricio Sambrano, names her as CEO of his company, Sambrano Studios, when he passes away. Esmeralda’s ex Rodrigo Almanzar is dealing with being overlooked for the position. Rodrigo was Patricio’s long-term protégé, and sacrificed everything for the company, including his love of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda has one week to provide a strategic plan to the board to prove she has what it takes to run the company. Although they are competing, Rodrigo also feels obligated to provide resources, especially with so many people against her, including her stepmother and siblings. As it turns out, Esmeralda and Rodrigo are on the same page and have similar ideas about how the network should move forward.

To say Esmeralda and Rodrigo had a bad break up ten years ago is an understatement. On the surface, Rodrigo chose his mentor over her and broke her heart. There is much more to the story. People think Rodrigo is emotionless, however, he’s determined to make sure he never ends up where he started when he was young; with nothing. Esmeralda has a lot of animosity toward him, but she can’t fight the attraction. As they spend time working together, they discover the passion is still there. Rodrigo realizes that Esmeralda was his jewel, and he never should have let her go, but revealing the secrets from the past may be too little too late.

Ms. Herrera includes a lot of narration to bring the reader up to speed on what has happened in the past. During some parts, this is the focal point, instead of the dialogue. The story is rounded out by supporting characters who are there for Esmeralda and Rodrigo at the right time. There is such a contrast between the love Esmeralda shares with her mother and “Tias” and the strained relationship she witnesses with her step mother and siblings. The theme of
ONE WEEK TO CLAIM IT ALL is second chance love and Ms. Herrera pulls it off.

12th July 2021 |