Review: The Sweetest Valentine
Artistry Publishing
February 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING: B+
REVIEW: The love letter that opens the story is so endearing that you just know that this story is going to be special. Kelan Hunter, movie star, is drawn to the town of Sweetland through a series of letters written by his grandparents declaring their love for each other. His interest to know where it all began for his beloved grandparents prompts Kelan to check out the town and possibly produce a movie about their lives. He walks into a building that he thought should have been the post office mentioned in one of his grandmother’s letters, but after 50 years, it now housed Sinfully Sweet Shop owned by Sydni Murray, a chocolatier.

After a lucrative career as a Hollywood actor, Kelan is in search of a new project that will pay homage to his deceased grandparents. Their love letters that he discovers serve as the inspiration for a screenplay. Determined not to get side lined by the towns’ people adoration, Kelan enlists Sydni’s help him with his project. Sydni intrigues Kelan partially because she is not star-struck by his presence in Sweetland. You just know from their first sweet kiss that Kelan and Syd are destined to be together. There’s a lot going on in this small town, and I’ll let you discover how the town’s activities and festivities contribute to the couple’s relationship. Both Kelan and Sydni are reluctant to get “involved”, and you will discover why when you read the story.

THE SWEETEST VALENTINE is a quick delightful read that presents the usual robust cast of side characters who inhabit the town. Family and friends, who compose the side characters, support and contribute to the development of the main characters. I love the perfect timing of Kelan and Sydni’s HEA. You’ll get that when you read the story.

is an engaging story, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. For all of the fans of sweet romance stories, Ms Baker also has a three-book Cozy Mystery series titled, Sweetland. Enjoy!

18th February 2021 |