Review: Christmas In Rose Bend
HQN Books
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Nessa Hunt and her sister, Ivy, travel to Rose Bend at the request of their deceased father. Nessa is also dealing with her mother’s death bed confession that the man she believed to be her father was not her father after all. So, coming to this small picturesque town may provide answers to questions weighing heavily on Nessa’s mind. Being Ivy’s legal guardian, Nessa also hopes to build a relationship with the half-sister she hardly knows. But then she meets the innkeeper’s son, Wolf Dennison, and their attraction is off the charts. Nessa feels she’s neither equipped nor has the energy or time to begin a romance with a teenager to raise. Especially a romance likely going nowhere. But Christmas is a time for miracles. Hopefully, one will happen for them.

Nessa is an ER nurse trying to get her personal life together. But she feels broken and let down by the very people who claim to love her. How can she trust anyone again? Wolf is an ex-soldier who came home six years ago. But, after all this time, he still feels guilty about the death of his best friend because he survived, and his friend didn’t.

CHRISTMAS IN ROSE BEND is a story of two emotionally scarred people trying to survive the aftermath of their failed relationships. This book is well-written with a great plot and solid characters that pull you in. All the Christmas activities and emotional struggles going on behind the scene support the plot and the setting. The story moves swimmingly with each page as the author brings the characters to life amid the holiday festivities. Their interactions are realistic, friendly, and sometimes a little spirited. It’s precisely what you would expect in a small town where everyone knows each other. My favorite character is Moe. She may be small in stature, but she has a heart big enough to include not only her family but others as well.

I would recommend
CHRISTMAS IN ROSE BEND because it is a good read. So many exciting things are going on, and I promise it will keep you reading for hours. This book is a quick read and right on par with other works by this author. Because when Ms. Simone puts pen to paper, great stories are created.

18th October 2021 |