Review: Mixed Tidings: A Danjuma Christmas
MIXED TIDINGS: A Danjuma Christmas - Unoma Nwankwor
KevStel Publications
November 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: And they are back! My favorite African family, the wonderful, comical, hardworking, successful and loving Danjuma family are at it again. Christmas is fast approaching, and the Danjuma wives and their spouses are not in a good space because it seems work and business has caused the couples to miss date nights, couple time and everything they have scheduled to be together.  While juggling raising their children, maintaining their households, and managing their thriving businesses, the couples are at a crossroads where it is a must that they allot some time for each other. Thank God for the Christmas season!

I just love the settings of Ms Nwankwor’s stories. For this story, dear readers, we travel with the Danjuma clan to the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa. The descriptions are spectacular. The sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren are all together for two weeks under the watchful eye of the wise matriarch, Mama Danjuma. Wait, I should say all the Danjumas plus one. Enter Amari Danjuma, American-born son of Musa Danjuma, the conniving uncle of the Danjuma brothers. Cousin Amari has traveled from Philadelphia seeking out his Nigerian cousins for a very specific reason. His back story is quite compelling. No spoilers! You’ll discover what Amari is about and the reason for his visit when you read the book.

Catching up with the Danjumas: Rasheed and Ibiso; Jabir and Damisi; Kamal and Ebele, their children and Mama Danjuma is a special treat.  The love that each brother has for his wife is evident. The utmost respect that they all display for Mama Danjuma is genuine. This story successfully encompasses the love of family, forgiveness, and acceptance. It’s romantic, family-oriented, and sometimes comical. Unoma Nwankwor seals her mark as a master storyteller who preaches love and redemption without being preachy. The Epilogue is heartwarming with the promise of a Happy-Ever-After for everyone!

I highly recommend
MIXED TIDINGS for your holiday reading pleasure. Take a little time off during this holiday and become acquainted with the Danjuma family. You will not be sorry, and you can thank me later.

21st December 2021 |