Review: A Thorn in The Saddle
A THORN IN THE SADDLE - Rebekah Weatherspoon
Kensington Publishing/Dafina Books
October 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Jesse Pleasant is a ranch owner with good business sense. He spends all his time running the family business while his two brothers live their lives. Because of his size, Jessica feels he is destined to be alone. But, when Lily-Grace Leroux calls him on the carpet for hitting her father, things change. Any other woman might cower in the presence of such a big man, but standing at six feet, Lily-Grace is no shrinking violet. Jesse and Lily-Grace butt head for a while, and then something amazing happens; they discover that they like each other. Although they start a day-by-day romance, it comes to a natural conclusion. Jesse and Lily Grace fall in love, and Jesse proposes in a way befitting their surroundings.

Jesse is a gentle giant of a man, an introvert. Experienced when it comes to business matters, but innocent in the ways of personal relationships. He has a big heart and is loyal and protective of family and friends. Lily-Grace is a tall attractive woman with vitiligo. She is also a strong, independent woman who stands up for herself and is not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone to protect her loved ones.

Ms. Weatherspoon has written another thought-provoking story in A THORN IN THE SADDLE. She touched on vitiligo, a condition both men and women experience today. In this narrative, she has an introvert and extrovert paired. Although Lily-Grace and Jesse have their personal issues to overcome, they are well-matched in size and temperament. Every move they make together is deliberate. Their love develops slowly, but the book moves along nicely with no slow down. All the characters are relatable and relevant, but Jesse is definitely my favorite. His shy gentleness and vulnerability is unexpected for a man of his age. It’s so endearing you just love him. The other characters are from previous books but no less well-developed and credible. Dialogue between them is lively and entertaining. And what a beautiful ending to the story.

A THORNE IN THE SADDLE is the last of a three-book series, Cowboys of California. Finally, I’ve been waiting for Jesse’s story. In my mind, Jesse was always an enigma. But after reading his story, I understand. If you haven’t already, you should read A COWBOY TO REMEMBER (Book #1) and IF THE BOOT FITS (Book #2). The Pleasant men are a handsome, charming trio. I recommend all three books for your reading pleasure.

29th October 2021 |