Review: Intimate Negotiations
Harlequin Desire
January 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland  RATING:  A
REVIEW: INTIMATE NEGOTIATIONS by Nicki Night is an amazing book! The cover of this book drew me in. After reading the first few pages, I was drawn in and I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it! INTIMATE NEGOTIATIONS is the 1st book in The Blackwells of New York Series and Ms. Night’s debut for the Harlequin Desire line.

INTIMATE NEGOTIATIONS tells the love story of Zoe Baldwin and Ethan Blackwell. Zoe has a successful career in Investment Banking and Ethan works for his family’s business Blackwell Wealth Investment. Zoe and Ethan meet for the first time when Zoe has an interview with Ethan for a position at the company. Ethan is drawn to Zoe like a moth to a flame. Zoe is also drawn to Ethan from that initial meeting. At first, Ethan isn’t going to hire Zoe, but the more he interviews her, he realizes how smart, intelligent and driven that Zoe is, so he ends up hiring her.

The sexual tension between the pair is spontaneous. When a storm comes up while Zoe and Ethan are at a meeting; she ends up stranded and having to stay with him at his apartment in the city. Will Zoe and Ethan give in to their desires? Will the pair become a couple? Will Zoe and Ethan get their happy ever after? You will have to read

What I loved about this book is the storyline and the drama! The storyline flows so seamlessly, and it kept me on the edge of my seat to the point that I had to continue reading to see what happens next. I love how Nicki Night puts all the drama in this book. When I thought I knew what was going to happen next, Ms. Night threw a surprise up in there! The love scenes are so sizzling hot and spicy. Carter, Ethan’s brother is my favorite character in the book. I’m so hoping he gets his story told. He kept me laughing throughout the book. I also love the topic that Nicki Night weaves into the book because it is not talked about in African American families.

Overall, I loved reading
INTIMATE NEGOTIATIONS. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series! This book is one of my top reads so far this year. Make sure to grab a copy of this amazing book.

13th March 2021 |