Review: Blurred Lines
BLURRED LINES - Keith Thomas Walker
Brenda Larnell  |  Rating:  A
REVIEW: It’s been a minute since I have put my feet up and opened a book to read by talented author, Keith Thomas Walker. I knew the story would be set in the fictional Overbrook Meadows, the author’s favorite place for his books. What I didn’t know was that I was getting ready to become involved with a sinister serial killer, a heroine with the instincts of a Mama Bear to the second power, and an ace detective hero who finds himself caught between a rock and a soft place. Get ready for a gritty, fast paced, suspense-filled story. The title of this book is the storyline.

Detective Damien Green and Kelli Warren are the featured major players in this story who meet under the worst of circumstances. Damien has been assigned to lead a special task force to investigate what will become a case involving a serial killer who targets little girls. Kelli’s little girl was one of the “monster’s” victims. Keith Thomas Walker does an excellent job in unraveling the clues and revealing the intricacies of the case. No spoilers, dear readers! You will find yourselves immersed in this case as more and more clues come to light, suspects are eliminated, and the killer is captured. Wait! That part…the capture! Get ready to be rocked! I’ll just leave that right there.

The minor characters contribute to the intrigue of the story. The villain is bad-to-the-bone, and batsh** crazy— no mistake about it. However, there is more to the solving of the case that meets the eye, and lines definitely get blurry.
BLURRED LINES is more suspense with a tinge of romance. The HEA is a complete contrast to the intense scenes that preceded it. It’s so sweet, and left me feeling some kind of way.

BLURRED LINES is an exciting, engaging and entertaining story. The title tells you everything! I recommend this book especially  if you need a detour from the “regular boy meets girl, they fall in love” kind of read, this is the story for you! You will not be disappointed. I guarantee!

7TH June 2022 |